Jon Aasenden, creator of Quartex Pascal

What is Quartex Pascal:

Quartex Pascal (short: QTX) is an object pascal IDE, compiler, run-time library and development system. Unlike traditional, native development systems, such as C/C++, Delphi or Freepascal, QTX generates high performance JavaScript – allowing developers to tap into web technology and enjoy the full might of modern mobile, desktop and server development. This means you can use all the frameworks that Javascript people enjoy, write websites, servers, services and mobile apps -repurposing your Delphi/Object Pacal/Pascal skills under the web paradigm.

The compiled code will run in your browser or server-side through node.js. You do not need Delphi or any other technology to run your QTX projects. The Quartex IDE is likewise stand-alone and does not require Delphi or anything else to function.


Official website for Quartex Pascal